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Traceability and sustainable procurement

We supply many of our products from ‘ship to shelf’. This means that we are in control from the moment we catch the fish until the time that the consumer buys it.

Our focus on traceability

With our sustainability strategy, we concentrate on six focus area's. One of those focus areas is supply chain responsibility: the traceability of our products and sustainable procurement

Traceability means the possibility to trace the source, the origin or the production of the fish. It's a way to identify and avoid a potentially negative impact in the supply chain. We supply many of our products from ship to shelf, i.e.: from the sea to the consumer.

In addition to traceability of products, we also commit to sustainable procurement by suppliers. We encourage our suppliers to work more sustainably in order to reduce the negative impact on the supply chain. With our sustainable procurement policy and long-term relationships with our regular suppliers, we take responsibility for a sustainable supply chain.

Other focus areas

Within our sustainability strategy, we have six focus areas. In addition to a sustainable supply chain, we concentrate on biodiversity and ecosystems, healthy food, emissions, care for people, and circularity.

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Healthy lives and vital seas

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