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Biodiversity and ecosystems

Biodiversity and healthy ecosystems are important to the climate, the health and welfare of people, food security, and to economic prosperity.

Our focus on biodiversity

With our sustainability strategy, we concentrate on six focus area's. One of those focus areas is biodiversity and ecosystems. 

To ensure that future generations can also be provided with fish, sustainable fishery and management of fish stocks are vital. For that reason, we deploy our vessels and crews to make active contributions to scientific research of the fish stocks.

Other important themes in the area of ‘biodiversity and ecosystems’ that we work on are avoidance of by-catch and reduction of seabed disturbance Innovations in fishing techniques play an important role here. This focus area also includes the impact on ecosystem-based aquaculture.

Other focus areas

Within our sustainability strategy, we have six focus areas. In addition to biodiversity and ecosystems, we concentrate on healthy food, emissions, care for people, circularity, and supply chain responsibility.

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Healthy lives and vital seas

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