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Our fisheries

Fish can be caught in many different ways. Discover all about our fishing techniques, responsibilities and vision for the future.

Our fishing activities

Many years ago, when the shipping company was set up, we were only fishing for herring. Today, we catch many more species of fish using specialised techniques every day.

The two main fishing techniques we use are demersal and pelagic fishing. To guarantee the best quality, it's important to use the right fishing method in the right season. And that's exactly what we do best.

Skill is essential to guarantee the best quality fish. We are proud of our professionals, who land sustainable, high-quality, affordable food for human consumption every day.

Responsible fishing

To care for future generations, sustainable fishing is vital. We do so by contributing to scientific research on stock sizes, responsible quota setting and compliance with those quotas. Only then can we maintain the balance in the sea and remain fishermen of and for tomorrow.

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Our fishing techniques

Each fish species requires a specialised fishing technique. With our pelagic trawlers, for example, we catch herring and mackerel, while our demersal trawlers are fit to catch sole and plaice. Our fishermen know their trade and what technique to use in what season.

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Essential fisheries research

Each year, quotas are set based on scientific research to determine the maximum amount of fish that we, as a business, may catch. Proper research requires data. We share the data collected on board with scientific institutions, take researchers on board, and actively contribute to special scientific surveys to obtain better insight in the fish stocks.

Our contribution