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Cornelis Vrolijk

Step into the world of Cornelis Vrolijk, a family fishing business. For over 140 years now, we have done what we are good at: catching the best quality fish and thereby feeding many mouths.

Our family business

The foundations for Cornelis Vrolijk were laid as early as 1880 by Frank Vrolijk. Now, 140 years later, the fifth generation of the family is at the helm.

Our family business has been active in fishing for over 140 years. Having starting out fishing for herring, we have grown into a family of businesses that is centred around our many fishermen and professionals.

Today, Cornelis Vrolijk is active in catching, farming, processing and selling fish, fish products and shrimp. We do so together with our enthusiastic and committed staff in several countries in Europe, Africa and Latin-America. Our mission? To provide millions of people around the world with healthy and affordable food. Every day.

We are conscious of the responsibility we have for our environment and we work with respect for people and nature.

Our compass

We contribute to healthy lives, by supplying millions of people daily, with the best that the sea has to offer. Simultaneously ensuring that the seas stay vital is thereby essential. Not just for now, but for generations to come. This is integral to the way that we lead our company. We continuously work on minimizing the impact of our company activities on the environment, on land as well as at sea. In addition, caring for our employees and the communities in which we are active comes natural to us. Because what we strive for, we cannot achieve without the engagement of our employees. Together, we work on a sustainable future for everyone.

More about our compass

Our responsibility

We invest in a sustainable future for our company, our environment and for everyone who enjoys eating fish. Since 2013, we do this with our active policy on Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). In this policy, our strategy and objectives in terms of corporate social and sustainable entrepreneurship are described. Clear and transparent, for everyone who wants to know more about how we work.

Our sustainability strategy

Our supply chain - from ship to shelf

One of our goals is to make the traceability of our fish products transparent in the supply chain. What comes from where? For many of our products, we control all the links in the chain ourselves: from catch to delivery, or from ship to shelf. That way, we always know what goes on and we can guarantee the reliability, continuity and quality of our supplies. How we do that? By working closely together within our family of businesses. That way, we always control the catching, farming and processing of various products. And we can do what we like best: allowing people to enjoy all the deliciousness the sea has to offer. And, yes, we enjoy that every day ourselves.

Our family of businesses