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Knipsel Carolien Vogel

Our responsibility

We catch, process and sell our fish sustainably. In this way we contribute to healthy lives and the protection of the sea. Both now and for future generations

Our sustainability strategy

What do we, as people, need and what is good for the planet? That is the question that we ask ourselves every day and the balance that we try to find.

We provide millions of meals for people around the world on a daily basis. But we also want future generations to be able to enjoy all the beauty the sea has to offer. With our sustainability strategy, we contribute to healthy lives while preserving our seas.

Working together on a healthy world

To us, a healthy world means a world where there is a balance between people, the sea and fish. To achieve this, we need knowledge. That's why we work together with the best of experts, scientists and recognised institutions. So we can catch, farm and process fish and shrimp increasingly sustainably. And we make sure that future generations can continue to enjoy all the beauty the sea has to offer.

Based on these insights, we pursue an active sustainability strategy. To Cornelis Vrolijk, sustainability means that we clearly write down our corporate social responsibility and sustainability goals and make sure that our employees are aware of those joint goals. Together, we get to work to achieve the best possible results.

Our sustainability theme's

In 2021, we set out to prepare a renewed sustainability strategy (CSR policy). We identified six themes. These are our focus areas. Find out more about our responsibility and what these different themes mean to us here.