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Sep 22, 2022

Our contribution to Sustainable Develoment Goal 2: zero hunger

Tomorrow, on Dutch Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) day, we will raise a flag to bring attention to the 17 goals that the United Nations adopted.

These goals are not only about the familiar sustainability theme’s such as energy and climate, it is also about well managed fish stocks, honest work, responsible food production and the guarantee of food security everywhere in the world. Cornelis Vrolijk actively works on 4 of the 17 SDG’s. With our pelagic fish (s.a. herring, mackerel, blue whiting) we commit to making an important contribution to SDG 2: zero hunger. Every day we deliver millions of affordable and healthy fish meals all around the world. The SDG underlines what we stand for as a company.

Watch the below video to see how we contribute to SDG 2: zero hunger.