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Jun 21, 2022

Cornelis Vrolijk joins Krijn Verwijs as strategic partner

Joint venture reinforces future strategy for both firms

The two family-owned businesses, founded in 1880, have signed a letter of intent, with Cornelis Vrolijk taking a participating interest in the seafood and shellfish activities of Krijn Verwijs. The family firms are joining forces in order to supply healthy, reliable and responsible products from the sea to European consumers, ‘from ship to shelf’. This partnership will generate economies of scale and enable the companies to achieve their aim of growing their share of the fish segment.

Both Cornelis Vrolijk and Krijn Verwijs aim to play a directing role within the fish segment. Thanks to their decades of experience in the sector, they can help fill fish counters with healthy products. Innovations, such as ready-to-eat mussels, prawns machine shelled in the Netherlands and a rich offering of fish varieties make up a fresh and varied portfolio. The products are sustainably fished and cultivated, with both firms constantly looking for improvements in terms of CO2 reductions and circularity.

“With Cornelis Vrolijk as a complementary partner, we are joining forces and adding value to our business. This will improve our regional and international position, strengthen our product portfolio and intensify our innovation pathways as well our role within the protein transition”, explains Caroline Verwijs, director of Krijn Verwijs Yerseke. “We will remain Krijn Verwijs, a family firm dedicated to the shellfish sector and emphasising the importance of a healthy mussel and oyster sector in the Netherlands. We will also retain our Premier brand and slogan, ‘Seafarmers by Nature,’ under which we sell our products".

Annerieke Vrolijk, managing director of Cornelis Vrolijk: “In Krijn Verwijs, we have found a partner which, like us, places great store by family values such as expertise, trust, loyalty and sustainable relationships.” Moreover, the Yerseke-based company's strategy seamlessly fits with Cornelis Vrolijk’s from ship to shelf approach.

The 50-50 joint venture aims to strengthen the chain and establish a joint sales strategy in fish, shellfish and crustaceans. Both companies expect to achieve their growth targets for the coming years through this partnership. In doing so, sustainable and intensive relationships with growers, continuance of the family business and ensuring food security are all key.



For more information:

Caroline Verwijs 
+31 113 57 90 10

Cornelis Vrolijk
+31 255 53 25 34

About Krijn Verwijs Yerseke
The Verwijs family are all about the sea, because that is our source. That's where our delicious and nutritious shellfish are grown and harvested. Our great-grandfather Pieter Verwijs started growing oysters in 1880. So as long as we can remember, we have been living with and from the sea.

We are proud to be able to continue his legacy with Premier and make sure our customers all over the world get to enjoy a complete range of seafood and shellfish and sea vegetables every day. Thanks to our active role throughout the production chain from source to plate, we are able to maintain our excellent quality and deliver the freshest products. Our innovation team constantly introduces new and inspiring possibilities to the market. We make no concessions in terms of environmental standards. We want to leave the sea behind in a better and healthier state for future generations. (

About Cornelis Vrolijk
The foundations for Cornelis Vrolijk were laid by Frank Vrolijk in Scheveningen in 1880. In recent years, the family-owned business has grown into a family of businesses active in fishing, growing and processing fish and prawns. For over 100 years, our professionals have been taking the best products from the sea. Cornelis Vrolijk is active throughout the chain, from ship to shelf, with quality, reliability and sustainability as key values. See also: