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Jun 17, 2020

Cornelis Vrolijk acquires an interest in Garnalenpelcentrum Kant in Lauwersoog

IJmuiden-based fishing company Cornelis Vrolijk has acquired an interest in Garnalenpelcentrum (GPC) Kant in Lauwersoog today, in line with its strategy to produce high-quality, healthy and sustainable product for human consumption, from ship to shelf. The day-to-day management of GPC Kant remains in the hands of the Kant brothers.

GPC Kant focuses on the machine peeling of the Dutch shrimp Crangon Crangon and the pink shrimp Pandalus Borealis. These shrimps are peeled on site using shrimp peeling machines developed and patented in-house. The advantages of machine peeling include a lower CO2 footprint, the ability to reduce the use of preservatives, and the speed; shrimps that were swimming in the sea yesterday can be peeled today and delivered to the customer tomorrow. This makes machine peeling a sustainable alternative to hand peeling abroad. The flavour, smell, colour and structure of the fresh shrimps are not lost during the peeling process.

Both Cornelis Vrolijk and GPC Kant are characterised by a family culture where high standards of workmanship and expertise are all-important. Both parties are enthusiastic about the collaboration. By using each other's expertise, an excellent alternative to the hand-peeled shrimps from abroad can be offered to consumers