Fishing for the future

A large part of the world population depends on fish as their main source of healthy animal protein. As the world population grows, so does the demand for affordable, high-protein food. Our fishers daily deliver millions of healthy, protein-rich, affordable meals. One of the greatest challenges facing us is to continue to supply this demand for fish into the future. Scientific research and responsible management of fish stocks is of great importance in this respect.

We at Cornelis Vrolijk are well aware of this responsibility. This is why we closely cooperate with scientists. Cooperation, not only on research on the fish stocks but also on the further innovation of sustainable fishing methods.

This is how we fish ‘for the future’. 

Use of hydrogen on board demersal fishing vessels
Measures implemented to prevent bycatch of seals
Cornelis Vrolijk takes next step in its 'ship to shelf' strategy with the acquisition of Haasnoot Vis and Neptunus Seafood